We Are Looking For EVS Volunteers



Place:                                         ADANA, TURKEY

Project start date:               15.12.2017 (for 6 Months)

Number of Volunteers:    We need 2 volunteers

Countries To Be Accepted: PolandMacedonia, Romania

 Info:                                          egitimkalkindirma@gmail.com

Web:                                        www.ekademi.com.tr

Social Media:                     facebook.com/AkdenizEgitimVeKalkindirmaDernegi


Our volunteers will be aware of blood diseases and will be aware of blood donations and will work to
prevent the birth of new patients.
In order to create a healthy society structure by providing the informations and awareness of the young
people, we are still living in the blood donation issue. To solve these problems is to raise the awareness
level of blood diseases by increasing the awareness of the society and the society.

Our Aim:
• To raise awareness of Blood Diseases,
• To raise awareness that diseases are a preventable disease,
• To increase the Blood Donation Awareness of the Youth,
• To bring new skills to young people through cultural interactions during the project,
• Ensuring the integration of individuals from different countries by various methods,
• To increase awareness of joint action among young people,
• Ensuring active participation of young people in social life,
• To enable the community to be useful to other members,
• To bring together different cultures, languages and religions,
• Ensuring that they are aware that they are an active individual in the community,
• Contributing to personal development that they can use in their future lives,
• Giving volunteer awareness to young people,
• Ensuring that young people produce social projects.


Volunteers’ Tasks:
The professional courses organized for the disadvantaged young people in our organization will
include the projects carried out, information activities, trainings, seminars, meetings, blood donation
studies, education and awareness activities for the students, informing and training activities in stand
opening activities. In addition, they will perform motivational activities by carrying out social
activities and home visits with blood-borne young people and children.
We offer to the volunteers:
• To raise awareness of our volunteers about Blood Diseases,
• Increasing the Awareness of Blood Donation of Our Volunteers,
• To give our volunteers new skills during the project,
• Ensuring the active participation of our volunteers in social life,
• To ensure that our volunteers become an active individual in society,
• Ensuring that our volunteers produce social projects,
• To ensure that our volunteers gain new personal skills,
• To gain awareness of Europeanness and active citizenship,
• To ensure that our volunteers gain self-confidence, independence and experience.


İnfo: egitimkalkindirma@gmail.com



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